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With Call Tracker's Agency Edition, you can show your true value to your clients with our white label call tracking features..

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We know you do great work for your clients, show it to them with Call Tracker.

Our platform can be completely rebranded for you to deliver call tracking to your customers under your brand.

white-label-call-tracking-for-agencies.html Your Brand Everywhere

Your Brand Everywhere

Your brand on every dashboard, report, and email notification to keep your clients emersed in your brand.

You can even add your own subdomain such as calls.yourdomain.com if you like, totally up to you.

format_shapes White Label Custom Branding
white-label-call-tracking-for-agencies.html Access For Your Clients

Access For Your Clients

Create unlimited user accounts for your clients so that they can access call data for their company's call data.

Your clients can also subscribe to get notified of incoming calls for trackers they want to follow.

group_add Unlimited Users
white-label-call-tracking-for-agencies.html Client Call Reports

Client Call Reports

With our call reports, you'll have the data to show your clients how well your marketing efforts are creating calls for their business.

Our call reports give you the data you need to optimize your client's PPC campaigns so you can deliver higher ROI for a happy customer.

Why Call Tracking Is Important for Marketing Agencies

White labeling a call tracking software provides agencies with the opportunity to deliver.

Every account comes with these great features

  • 1000s of Phone Numbers in USA & Canada
  • Detailed Call Analytics
  • Call Flow Builder
  • Voicemail & Voicemail Transcription
  • Call Recordings
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Robocaller Protection with Nomorobo
  • Custom Call Tagging & Reporting
  • 14 Day Risk Free Trial with Every Plan
  • No Contract & Free Setup Assistance
  • Unlimited Users
  • Dynamic Number Replacement
  • Campaign Tracking Numbers
  • Offline Tracking Numbers
  • Scheduled Summary Reports via Email
  • Custom Message Tagging & Reporting

What Our White Label Call Tracking Software Can Do For Your Business

White labeling a call tracking software provides agencies with the opportunity to deliver all the call analytics and call tracking reports our call tracking platform offers to their clients as their own service.

Call Tracker was designed to accommodate marketing agencies. We want our call tracking solution to benefit you as much as possible and give your clients the means to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Detailed Data On All Phone Calls

You can offer your customers comprehensive call reports and call logs. With all the information you are able to provide, your customers can collaborate, reassess past calls to increase quality leads, and train their team based on call recordings.

Our call tracking solution allows you and your clients to track every call to the marketing channels that generated it and analyze which search keywords and marketing campaigns are of significant value to the business.

Optimize ROI With Call Details And Reports

The most important value of call tracking is the data that call tracking can offer a marketing agency regarding the performance of its marketing campaigns.

Our reporting suite helps you analyze data on the caller, their source channel, and keyword search terms so you can optimize your ad spend and quality leads.

Our integration with Google Analytics Goals allows you to configure your Adwords preferences, thereby optimizing your marketing ROI according to what the reports indicate. To make your marketing focus more mobile, Call Tracker gives you the tools to identify which marketing strategies are worth your investment.

Our White Label Call Tracking Features

Customized Domain Name

Our white label call tracking features give marketing agencies the ability to create a custom domain name to their clients can access their accounts through the name of the agency.

Unlimited Company Accounts

Agencies holding a Call Tracker White Label Call Tracking account can add as many users as they wish to their account. Agencies view all their clients and easily switch between clients on a single account.

Customize Colors And Logos

Our white label call tracking software offers our clients a branded experience. Marketing agencies can customize everything down to the colors displayed on their dashboard. A customized logo benefits an agency as their customers get used to their brand and trust them more as a result.

How To Customize Your White Label Call Tracker Account

Because Call Tracker offers white labeling, marketers can completely rebrand your account and dashboard to look like their own service.

To customize this white label application, you will need to be subscribed to our Agency Edition.

  1. Go to your Account Settings page and select Branding Settings.
  2. The next step is to customize your domain. This will ensure that clients see your name when they log in.
  3. Clients will have access to a sidebar with a support option. Call Tracker sees to it that your agency's email address is used to that all your clients' requests will be routed to you.
  4. Next, add your custom logo. This will improve your relationship with your customers and keep them dedicated to your business. Your logo will be displayed on all email notifications for updates, calls, and ad invites.
  5. Customize the colors displayed in your account to complement your logo.

Your custom colors will be displayed on analytics reporting emails, updates, and invites, as well as featured on the login site.

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