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Use Call Recording Software to never miss a detail, focus on the call, and review recordings later.


Ever wished you had the ability to go back in time to review an important sales call with a customer? Now you can with Call Recording. Our Call Recording features allow you to go back in time to review your past inbound and outbound calls and get that piece of information you missed or didn’t have time to take notes on.

Your sales team will be able to relax and focus on the conversation at hand because they know that the call recording feature is in place. No note-taking will be required because the software will be recording all the pertinent details, and the playback will be waiting when the call is complete.

Call Recording Benefits
  • Never miss an important detail ever again when you have the ability to review recordings of calls.
  • Review and qualify leads with your team by allowing everyone to listen in on the pertinent calls.
  • Team members will no longer have to feel anxious about incoming calls because they can focus on the conversation instead of taking notes, confident that the call recording can be reviewed later for clarification.
Call Recording Offers Valuable Feedback

Increase your business opportunities with the addition of recordings. Calls regarding sales or other business-related matters generally contain an abundance of information, and having the ability to review those calls on-demand will give you increased insight into the strategies you have in place regarding your marketing efforts.

Call recordings can also be used to provide feedback to your team members. Truly excellent phone call handling, as well as phone calls that needed a bit of improvement; Call Tracking can be used as a training tool for new employees. Managers will be able to supply concrete examples when giving reviews or feedback for improvement. Plus, it allows for ample opportunities to offer guidance and additional training sessions for team members that need extra direction regarding company standards.

Staying Compliant

When it comes to adding Call Tracker’s software for call recording, it is essential that your company stay compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations. While it is legal to record phone calls, there are certain pre-call announcements that will need to be made. Call Tracker can help you stay in compliance by helping your record the appropriate announcements and place them before your incoming calls. However, some companies prefer to have team members make the announcement after the call is connected.

Call Tracker Call Recording Key Benefits

Review Customer Details

Sales teams have a multitude of sales calls every day. Large call centers, in particular, often have a growing calling queue, with each call requiring their full attention. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remember everything that was said during those phone conversations.

Sales professionals have a myriad of topics to cover during sales calls; they need to identify the prospect’s concerns and requirements in order to generate qualified leads.

Inevitably, sales reps are likely to miss some important details that may make a big difference, but luckily, we serve as a revenue intelligence platform, making your life easier with our advanced call recording and call tracking functionality.

With our call tracking software, any business or call center can record calls automatically and go back to the recorded calls if they require any additional information given during inbound and outbound calls.

This is beneficial because the best call usually doesn’t take a lot of your customer’s time. You don’t want your sales reps to have to call again to request information they missed.

Coach Your Sales Team With Conversation Intelligence

Managing a large sales team is no easy feat. Still, you need to be informed about the developments in their sales performance and equip them with the necessary customer knowledge.

With call recording, you can have an archive of successful sales calls to provide proper training for your sales and support teams by listening to recorded calls to gain insight into conversation intelligence.

When you are looking for the best call tracking software for your business phone system, consider Call Tracker’s user-friendly call recording and call tracking features. We guarantee quality call recordings that will have a noteworthy impact on your sales teams’ performance.

With our call recording software, you can replay recorded calls to identify areas that may need improvement and emphasize segments in the sales process executed well.

Use our call recording software to record sales calls so you can:

  • Evaluate whether or not your sales team is adhering to set guidelines
  • Provide tips on handling challenging sales calls
  • Gain insight into the performance of your marketing campaigns
  • Identify which sales reps are your best performers, and use their phone conversations as examples to train other sales reps
Improve Products And Marketing Campaigns

When you use our call tracking software to record calls, during the reviewing process, you may notice that many inbound calls revolve around questions surrounding your products or services.

By recording calls, you are able to identify the areas where customers did not get enough information from your digital marketing efforts.

In conjunction with our call recording software, our call tracking software allows you to listen to past sales calls while knowing which marketing campaign drove the call in the first place.

When you look at your call tracking analytics and notice that many callers reached out to request more information after encountering a specific ad campaign, it indicates that you need to make some adjustments to the advertisement to clarify the points in question.

For example, suppose you got 50 inbound calls resulting from a Facebook ad, and 70% of those callers were asking about functions that the ad did not clarify. By listening to the recorder calls, you can clearly identify all the features of your product or service you need to elaborate on in your ads.

Furthermore, our call recording software allows sales managers to review conversations between team members and loyal customers to assess customer satisfaction.

Loyal customers will provide you with valuable information on how you can improve the product or service you’re selling.

With our call recording feature, you can play these calls back to your team to find the answers to questions like:

  • What are we missing?
  • What do clients like about our product or service?
  • Where are our shortcomings?
  • Which aspects of our product or service should be altered?

Using our conversion tracking solution, you can monitor how your adjustments influence ROI.

Use Our Call Tracking Solution To Record Calls And Solve Disputes

Recording phone conversations can go a long way in resolving disputes that may have severe consequences. Although the customer is always right, we all know that miscommunication could lead to misunderstandings, but call recordings could quickly solve this problem.

For example, suppose a sales rep committed a 20% discount for the first month of subscription, and the customer argues that they were promised a discount for the whole year.

Before such a dispute becomes necessarily extensive, you can simply refer back to a call recording to clarify what was said within the relevant call duration.

We provide the best call recording software to you can keep an archive of authentic sales conversations, maintain your company’s reputation, and have the ability to forward a call recording to a customer when an issue arises.

Enabling Call Recording Features

To enable call recording in your Call Tracker account, go to your Tracker Settings and activate the option Recording & Caller Message. 

Although some State Laws only require one party to consent to a call being recorded, we recommend clarifying this fact in a pre-call message. We don’t want your call center to face scrutiny when a caller is dissatisfied with your call recording feature.


Sales call recordings are a valuable tool to help you optimize your sales performance and evaluate the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Our advanced call tracking technology provides the best call recording software so you can get the most out of your CRM software, marketing automation, and call analytics.

When you make use of our recording feature, be sure to incorporate a pre-call voice announcement to notify callers that the call will be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

The next step to achieving qualified leads is just a click away.

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