Call & Text Message Notifications

Never miss an inbound lead with instant notifications to your inbox.


We want to ensure that you never miss a lead again, which is why we have developed our Notifications system that will keep your team members in sync with any and all inbound events for your tracking numbers. Notification rules can be setup to help team quickly respond to inbound call, text, and voicemails based on their preferences.

Call Tracker’s Notifications Features Benefits
  • Ability to set up notification rules for your tracking numbers for call, message, and voicemail events.
  • Notify your team so that they can review and respond missed calls.
  • Instanly notify your team for new voicemails received for missed calls,
  • Get email notifications to review and respond to new text messages.
  • Invite your whole team to get notifications based on their preferences.

Adding Notifications makes your marketing efforts instantly visible to others on your team. You can use tracking numbers to ensure that missed calls, voicemails, and text messages are being responded to.

Read more on how to setup notifications to help your team collaborate and to stay on top of your business communications.

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