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Add multiple companies to your account with our agency features.


We have created a first-rate solution for large businesses and marketing agencies to manage multiple companies in their account. Our goal has always been to give marketing agencies the tools you need to better serve your clients, and to keep the features easy-to-use. Managing multiple companies may also be helpful businesses that need to separate data by business unit or location while keeping all of your data under one global account. call tracker call tracking white label dashboard

Add to Your Tool Box and Service Offering

As a marketing agency, your goal is to provide the best possible outcome for your customers, which is where we come in to help you show your value to your customers. Our call tracking numbers allow you to show your clients exactly which marketing campaigns and channels are working and driving calls to their business. Our Multiple Companies features allow you to provide this service to all of your clients with one easy to use interface.

With Call Tracker’s Multiple Companies Support
  • Ability to add multiple companies to your account.
  • Segment tracking numbers and by company for per client reporting.
  • Add company access limited users to view call logs, voicemails, and reports.
  • View usage per customer each month in billing usage.
Easily to Add More Companies to Your Account

With our agency features enabled, you can split your call logs, reporting, and reproting access by company. Adding additional companies to your account admin is simple and straight forward with just a few clicks. If you have Agency Edition enabled from Call Tracker, then you are allowed to add an unlimited number of companies to your account. You simply use the “Add Company” button located on your dashboard, and you will be presented with all the steps needed to include your new company on your dashboard.

Once you have added the company, you can invite new users to have access to the company’s call logs, voicemail, and call reports.

Read more about how to add multiple companies to your account in our help docs.

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