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Call Tracker was designed and built with marketing agencies in mind. We wanted to give agencies the power to offer their clients a service for tracking calls in an efficient way that helps grow their customer base and marketing efforts. Yet, we also wanted the marketing agencies to be able to show their value to their customers without charging them more, so we offer our White Label features at No Extra Charge.

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With our Agency Edition, we have made it quite simple for marketing agencies to add multiple clients to their user accounts. You can add an unlimited amount of users to your account, and you can give those users access to the information that has been gathered from tracking calls. They will have access to their calling reports and get email notifications when they have voicemails all in under your own brand.

With Call Tracker’s White Label Agency Features You Get
  • The ability to add multiple companies or clients to your Call Tracker account
  • Add your branding for the login, app header, and the email notifications
  • Individual client calling reports and ability of tracking calls on a client by client basis
  • Add clients as users to your account, and only allow them access to their call logs and reports
  • Ability to add a custom domain for a fully white-labeled product you can provide your clients
call tracker call tracking white label login
call tracker call tracking white label reports
So Much Power, No Additional Fees

Your marketing agency can get all the power of Call Tracker behind your brand, and your clients will send all the praise your way. There are no additional fees for adding multiple users to your account or for using the white labeling services.

You can easily place your own brand on Call Tracker’s services, and then give your clients access to the system with privileges you control.

Enabling the Agency Edition

Enabling the agency edition of your Call Tracker services is easy. You can find this option in your Account Settings. Toward the bottom, you will see a toggle that you need to enable. Once that step is complete, you will notice that there are a few changes to your interface, but you will now be able to manage multiple companies and add your branding. You will be able to add as many users as you like to get the ball rolling.

If you want a completely seamless branding option, see the custom domain and email options to use your own domain and send notifications from your domain.

Read more about enabling the agency edition and custominzing your account.

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