Unlimited Users

Invite unlimited users to your account at no extra charge.


Sharing the same user account because a service charges per user is always a pain. That’s why we added the ability to inivte unlimited users at no extra charge. We also have three levels of permissions that allow you to give limited access to users.

Unlimited Users Benefits
  • Add unlimted users to manage text messaging, call logs, and review voicemails and transcriptions
  • Allow unlimited users access to call logs, call reports and manage call tracking numbers
  • Add multiple admins to your account to support your business workflow
  • Ability to add company specific users who can only a company and it's reporting
User Roles and Permsssions for Access Control
  • Account Admins
    View and manage all calls, companies, integrations, and users inside your account.
  • Company Admins
    View all calls, reports, recieve notifications as well as manage company settings, integrations, and users for specific companies.
  • Company Reporting Users
    View calls, reports and recieve notifications for specific companies.
Perfect for Agencies

Company specific users combines perfectly with our Agency Edition to allow you to segment the call tracking data across your clients and give them access to all of their reports to show your value to your cusotmers.

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