SMS Text Messaging for Business

Enable SMS messaging to your business's marketing channels for your team.


Have you ever wanted a shared text messaging inbox for you and your team to manage SMS messages from one interface? Look no futher, our SMS Messaging feature allows your team to handle incoming messages together and get analytics on the marketing channels that initated the messages.

You can use Call Tracker tracking numbers to receive and send sms messages. With our text messaging features, you’ll be able to respond to to anyone who has initiated an SMS conversation. Your team can get email notifications of new sms messages, and you’ll be able to respond through our easy to use messaging interface.

Call Tracker’s SMS Messaging Features
  • Inbound SMS handling for your call tracking numbers in your marketing advertisements.
  • Manage a shared SMS inbox amoungst your team for streamlined communications and responses.
  • Real-time reporting on SMS by tracker for valuable marketing insights on your marketing channels.
  • Email notifications for new messages to notify your entire team.
SMS Marketing is a Vital Part of your Marketing Efforts

The analytics on your text messaging interface can powerful, and they will allow your company to make better decisions regarding your marketing efforts. You will be able to monitor the numbers, tracking where the text messages are coming from, and you will be able to see the volume of messages being sent out by your team to those various phone numbers. Once you add the SMS messaging analytics to your tracking calls efforts, you will find that you have a better sense of the origin of many of your leads.

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