Pre-Answer Whisper Messages

Give yourself an edge with call channel context before calls are connected.


Pre-answer Whisper Messages provide you with marketing channel context before the call is connected giving you a heads up before the call even begins.

What Is A Call Whisper: Call Tracking Optimization

A call whisper message is a brief text-to-speech greeting message conveying relevant information the person answering a phone hears before directly connecting to the person calling them.

A whisper message gives a call recipient context regarding where the incoming call is coming from and how the caller came across their business.

A call whisper feature facilitates a more productive conversation because you are provided with more details regarding the caller and the purpose of the call, which converts leads faster.

Call whispering promotes better sales conversations because the call whisper feature informs you where a potential customer may have found your business and why they decided to call in the first place.

Be Informed Before the Call Starts

Whisper Messaging can be very useful for your sales team to have the right context when answering a phone call. Whisper Messages can give the call recipient key context to assist in handling the call effectively.

Whisper Messages are also available for both our standard call forwarding trackers and Call Flows.

Whisper Messaging Benefits
  • Give the call recipient context for how to handle the inbound call more effectlive.
  • Gain deeper insight into what triggered the call to assist with the sales process.
  • Provide quick service and support to advertised support lines.
  • Only the call recipient will hear the message while the caller continues to hear ringing.
Call Whisper Message For Your Clients

Marketing agencies can benefit significantly from having call whisper features. If you are a marketing agency running multiple advertising campaigns, you likely receive a high volume of incoming calls daily.

Your call whisper message will let your clients know when inbound calls come from you and not from a customer. As a result, a call whisper message adds to the value you bring your clients.

Furthermore, call whisper messages give call agents relevant information, like campaign details, before a call begins, so the agent knows which advertising campaign drove the call.

Call whispers will improve the performance of an agent in each individual call and convey important campaign details on varying marketing channels.

Call whispers arm an agent answering phone calls with helpful details about their potential customer.

Should You Have Call Whispers On Every Phone Number Coming In?

No, you don’t need to incorporate call whispers on every phone number. Instead, you can select the phone numbers that need to have customized call whispers when these calls are received.

For example, you can add whisper functionality on calls resulting from a particular ad campaign, so your agents have powerful details regarding the calling customer.

A call whisper improves customer satisfaction as sales teams can better prepare their approach to the conversation they’ll have with a caller when the phone rings.

What Do Callers Hear When A Whisper Message Plays?

You’re customers or only hear continuous ringing while your call whisper message plays. A call whisper is a feature that can only be heard by the recipient.

Call Whispers And Spam Calls

Call whisper messages do not necessarily help with the prevalence of spam calls, but fortunately, Call Tracker is integrated with Nomorobo.

This integration is meant to help your business and sales teams save time and have a better customer experience overall.

Your business telephone number is generally the best place to add our call whisper functionality before every call begins. This feature is one of the best additions you could add to your call tracking software to improve all of your advertising campaigns and marketing channels.

Call Whisper Feature vs. Call Tracking

Call tracking is a feature that gives you the ability to track where inbound calls are coming from and the marketing source that drove customers to call your business.

Call tracking reports reveal the time of the inbound call, the duration of the call, and who the caller is.

Call Tracker further provides you with a call recording so you can go back and reevaluate any additional information your customer may have given.

Call tracking is primarily intended for marketing purposes, as it helps you navigate which advertising campaigns are performing well.

Going back to a call recording can greatly benefit your improvement on sales approaches.

Your tracking number can act like a caller id, so your clients know the incoming call is coming from your business.

The only area where call tracking and call whispering overlaps is when you add a whisper message to a tracking number provided by your call tracking software.

While call tracking is more directed at marketing, call whispers is the next step to improving the strategy you perfected based on the data given by Call tracker.

Essentially, the call tracking aspect of call whispers is just giving your agents more information on how to approach the conversation with a customer once the call is connected.

Read more about how to Whisper Messages can be setup in a Call Flow or with the standard Tracker Settings.

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