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Finally! No more annoying robocalls and telemarketers.

Call Tracker is able to identify and stop robocallers before unwanted incoming phone calls waste your time through our integration with Nomorobo. Every call through Call Tracker is screened by the Nomorobo before being forwarded, preventing these annoying calls from disrupting your day. The best part is, this is part of our platform at no extra cost.

About Nomorobo

Nomorobo was launched in response to a pursuit by the Federal Trade Commission to find services that identify and block robocalls. Unfortunately, there are very few cases in which robocalls are useful. Important robocalls like weather alerts, prescription reminders, and school closings may be valuable incoming calls, but robocalls are more likely to be phone scammers or telemarketers simply wasting your time.

President Donald Trump signed the Traced Act in July 2020, consolidating the punishment against spam calls and other illegal robocaller activity and requiring phone companies to evaluate whether incoming phone calls are genuine. Although this act did reduce robocalls to a moderate extent, unwanted calls still managed to slip through. This is where the Nomorobo service comes into play.

Nomorobo is the industry-leading robocall blocking platform, having stopped over 800 million illegal robocalls since its launch in 2013. Nomorobo also won the nationwide FTC Robocall Challenge (source) as the best technology to handle the rampant robocallers. With over 1,500 new robocallers identified daily, Nomorobo provides real-time protection by blocking robocalls from reaching your phone.

How does Nomorobo work?

Our platform uses Nomorobo to identify calls that are from robocallers and telemarketers. If a call is flagged as a robocall, it is then processed through your company settings for handling robocalls.

Phone scammers typically change their phone number, or at the very least their Caller ID, regularly. Having a list of spam numbers won’t cut it anymore. Nomorobo eliminates the effort on your part to manually block numbers and report spam calls. Telephone Science states that Nomorobo surveils over 200,000 phone numbers identified by numerous carriers as known robocallers, with this number only increasing as Nomorobo’s algorithm detects calling patterns typical of spoofed calls and adds the calling numbers to the list.

If the service inaccurately blocks a phone number, you can readily report the error on the Nomorobo website. However, this will be a rare occurrence as fewer than one in a thousand numbers are blocked mistakenly. Moreover, if a spam phone number passes the first ring and reaches you, you can likewise report this inaccuracy on the website.

Another helpful feature is that if a robocaller uses your number to make their spam calls for the week, you will still be able to make calls from the number regardless of whether it is set up with Nomorobo. When Nomoro’s service intercepts your call, you will have the opportunity to enter a response to a random question on the phone keypad. Your answer will prove that you’re a real person, and Nomoro will allow your call to go through.

Nomorobo For Landlines

Fortunately, Nomorobo is compatible with both cell phones and landlines. In the case of landlines, Nomorobo utilizes their simultaneous ring features. When the phone rings on your end, it is also ringing at the Nomorobo service. The service will answer calls and identify whether they are robocalls. If so, Nomorobo ends the call for you, and your phone will stop ringing, but if the phone continues ringing, the call is legitimate.

Nomorobo intercepts spoofed calls, and subscribers will only hear one ring. However, if you hear a second ring, you are safe to answer. This service works to bring peace to your business and home phone.

Two Ways to Handle Robocalls
  • Challenge - force the caller to Press 1 to continue and connect the call to ensure it’s a real human.

  • Block - calls will be immediately ended with no option to connect the call.

We recommend challenging calls instead of blocking instantaneously; it’s better to allow a call to come through if it’s human than get totally blocked.

Advantages of Nomorobo
  • Nomorobo will detect robocallers with high efficiency

  • Allows legitimate callers to reach you

  • Blocks all scam artists and even political robocalls

  • Highly privacy-friendly, never accessing your personal call logs or contacts

Setup & Installation

Nomorobo is automatically set up on every account, so you are not required to add or enable Nomorobo yourself. Just sit back, relax, and focus on the calls the matter.

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