Optimize Your Facebook Marketing with Call Tracking

Optimize Your Facebook Marketing with Call Tracking

The goal of your Facebook ads is to drive as many qualified leads to your business as possible. But how can you know which campaigns are getting the best results? You’re probably already tracking your web leads (i.e. people who fill out your contact form), but what about those who chose to call instead? Isn’t that information equally if not more valuable? 

After all, if someone takes the steps to actually pick up the phone and call your business, chances are they’re already a viable lead. In fact, because they’d rather call than fill out a form and wait for a response indicates that they’re more eager to buy now. Because of this, learning which Facebook ads are generating these “hot” leads is of great importance to your business. The best way to do this is through a call tracking campaign. 

Call Tracking Numbers

The first step in measuring how many telephone leads your Facebook ads are generating is to use call tracking numbers. These are phone numbers that are generated by call tracking software for the purpose of tracking the results of the ad campaigns you are running (in this case, your Facebook ads). There are two distinct types of call tracking numbers: static and dynamic. 

Static numbers are unique phone numbers which are generated and assigned to individual Facebook ad campaigns. When someone dials a static number that’s in one of your ads, the call is forwarded to your main telephone line where it is answered like any other incoming call. The caller will have no idea that he or she dialed a unique number and neither will you, but behind the scenes the call tracking software will identify that the call came in via Facebook. 

You can then go back to your call tracking software dashboard and view detailed information about the call, such as which specific ad it came from, the name and number of the caller, the time of day he or she called and the duration of the call.

A dynamic call tracking number, as the name indicates, is a bit more complex than a static one in that it requires that you add a small snippet of code to your website. The code will then automatically change the phone number displayed on your website each time a new visitor arrives from a particular ad campaign. In other words, John will see a different phone number than Jen and so forth. 

Dynamic numbers are useful in ad campaigns because they provide results that are much more precise. When a lead contacts your business via a Facebook ad that contains a static number, they may call the number in the ad or they may click the ad, end up on your website and dial the number you have there. If they don’t use the static number in your ad, the lead won’t be tracked from Facebook, nor will any of the additional data be captured. 

Using a dynamic number, on the other hand, ensures that every single person that clicks through your ad campaign to your website will end up with a number that can accurately be tracked back to the specific ad and also capture all the relevant information about the call. 

Dynamic numbers are particularly valuable for businesses whose products or services are complex enough that most leads want to visit the company’s website to get more information before actually picking up the phone and calling.

Qualifying Your Leads

Another valuable benefit of call tracking software is the ability it affords to qualify the leads coming in from your Facebook campaigns. You can do this a number of ways, from performing a broad overview of lead qualification based on the length of your calls (i.e. longer calls = more qualified leads), or delve into more detailed analysis such as by listening to recorded calls. The latter can help you determine where in the sales funnel your callers are (i.e. if they are ready to buy or just looking for more info, etc.). 

Capturing the actual recording of your phone calls can also help you identify areas where your ads could use some improvement. For instance, if you notice a pattern that the majority of your incoming calls from a particular campaign are from people who are confused or don’t understand what your product or service is all about, you may need to clarify the message in your ads to make them more effective.

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