4 Proven Ways to Drive More Call Conversions

4 Proven Ways to Drive More Call Conversions

When it comes to marketing, getting the attention of your target audience is really only half the battle. To realize a return on your investment, your marketing efforts have to be effective in getting those prospects to actually pick up the phone and call. Easier said than done? Not necessarily. In fact, there has been plenty of research and analysis on this very topic, which has identified four proven techniques for driving more call conversions. These strategies are as follows.

Call-to-Call Ads

These days it seems like just about everyone has a smartphone, and we’re doing more and more with these devices as the days go by. Visiting websites, surfing social media and conducting online searches are all par for the course, which is why call-to-call ads are becoming that much more effective. In fact, one study by Google revealed that 70% of mobile searchers will use a “click-to-call” button if it’s provided in an ad. Why? Because it’s simple and convenient. If you’re not yet including a clickable phone number in your digital ads, the time to start doing so is now.

Social Media

There are literally billions of people across the globe using social media on a daily basis. To say these platforms are a marketing gold mine is an understatement. But did you know that in addition to reaching and connecting with more of your target audience, you can also leverage these sites as a tool to drive more call conversions? Most social ads offer the option of adding a clickable “call now” button, and many of the more popular networks, like Facebook and Twitter, provide the option to include a click-to-call button right in your profile. Make sure you’re taking advantage of these features.

Mobile-Friendly Webpages

Of course you’ve already got your contact information scattered throughout your website, but is that info optimized for mobile visitors? In other words, when someone ends up on your Home, About Us, Contact or even a blog post page while using their mobile device, do they have the option of calling you at the click of a button? Again, the easier you make it for your prospects to get in touch, the more likely they’ll be to do so. And since the majority of the population now accesses the internet almost exclusively via mobile devices, this step is absolutely critical to the ongoing success of your online marketing efforts (and ultimately your business as a whole).

Don’t Discount Offline Opportunities

While it’s true most of us turn to the web when we want to learn more about or interact with a particular brand, offline advertising is still pretty effective – especially if your target audience is in an older demographic. Including your phone number on all offline sales material, such as flyers, post cards, billboards or even radio/television ads is pretty obvious, but now, thanks to advanced call tracking capabilities, you can much more accurately pinpoint and measure the results of each and every campaign you are running – including offline ones. Analyzing and optimizing these areas can improve your results and get more calls rolling in. 

Some additional tips for getting better results with your call conversion efforts:

  • Place clickable numbers anywhere and everywhere
  • Always use strong, compelling calls to action 
  • Incentivize prospects to increase likelihood of conversion (ex: “Call now for 20% off!”)
  • Track and measure results of each campaign to see what’s working and identify opportunities for improvement
  • A/B test to determine what messaging gets the best results

Getting the phone to ring more is the goal of every business owner. If you’re not seeing the kind of results you’d like, implementing some or all of the above techniques should help get you pointed back in the right direction. 

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