5 Ways to Use Call Tracking to Measure Marketing

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Making marketing decisions based on data is more important than ever, with the right data you can; save yourself from throwing away money on marketing that doesn’t work, and you can double down on a marketing channel that actually does. Call tracking is normally associated with digital marketing but there are so many other marketing channels that it could be helpful for your business.

Let’s go over some opportunities where you could be using call tracking to better measure your marketing performance.


If you’ve ever paid for a billboard advertisement, you know two things; they aren’t cheap at a few thousand dollars a month, and location is everything for more visibility but at a higher cost. Billboards are potentially the perfect opportunity to use call tracking. With multiple billboards, you can easily use call tracking number to test which billboards are most effective for driving phone calls and optimize your billboard marketing expenses based on data instead of a “hunch”.

Event Flyers

Setting up a booth at the next industry event / show to meet potential customers? Industry shows can be a very effective channel to meet new customers and get some face time with them, but how do you know if the money you spent on the booth and the sales staff expenses were worth it? This is the perfect opportunity to put a tracking number on the event flyer itself which will allow you to track the number of new leads you generated and an ROI.

Direct Mail

Traditional channels like Direct Mail can be an effective way to reach your audience, but how do you know how effective your campaign was? Direct Mail doesn’t have analytics like email for open rates and click throughs, so how do you know if it worked? Simple, put a call tracking number in your flyer and track calls generated from your direct mail campaign so you can measure your success.

Yellow Pages

Do you still buy a quarter page ad in your local phone book’s yellow page? Maybe it’s just out of habit or you’ve gotten to know the sales lady that calls you every year to pay for another year. It’s time to measure your return on paying for the yellow pages each year to see if it’s actually generating new calls, just provide them a call tracking number for your ad and you’ll be able to keep tabs on it’s performance.

Social Media Pages

Is your business active on social media? How many leads are calling you based on your facebook page alone? To track your business’ Facebook page call generation, use a call tracking number for your contact number.

We hope you enjoyed the read and have gotten some fresh new ideas on how to improve your marketing with call tracking. Tell us about a place you’re using call tracking that you think isn’t quite so typical and how it’s helped your business.

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