5 Reasons Why You Should use Call Tracking

5 Reasons Why You Should use Call Tracking

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Have you integrated call tracking into your company’s marketing efforts? If you haven’t, you’re most likely missing out on an important opportunity to improve marketing measurement and most of all boost ROI.

5 reasons why you should be using call tracking.

Attribute every lead to a marketing channel.

Without call tracking, marketers can only track leads that submit forms on their website like contact, e-books, and newsletter signups. These leads need to be tracked, but there is a missing data on phone calls which could be more than 50% of a businesses leads and inquiries. Leads via phone calls are also higher value as they are generally further along in their decision making process and more ready to buy.

With attribution of every lead you can also see what is driving your most valuable leads and show how to get more of them.

Mobile search is driving more phone calls.

Mobile search is on the rise and so are phone calls. Studies show that most people who use a mobile device to search will call a business instead of submitting a form. Google cited that 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call. With more mobile searches you can expect more call volume in the coming years so it’ll only become more important to track your calls.

Streamline your marketing budget.

It’s likely that you have many active marketing channels at any given time such as Local Newspaper Ads, Google Adwords, Yellow Pages, Billboards, or Radio Ads. Call tracking will make it easy to see if a marketing channel isn’t driving and leads and you’ll know that it either needs to be optimized or you can drop it all together. With proper lead attribution on all of your incoming calls you're able to see what marketing channels are working, what’s not, and reallocate your marketing budget.

With money saved on ineffective marketing channels, you can now re-invest in your highest performing marketing channels to boost ROI.

Rescue missed call opportunities.

Every missed call is a missed opportunity, when five o’clock hits and the doors are closed, chances are you are still receiving calls well into the evening hours that go unchecked. Call tracking can play a key role to help you figure out where the calls are coming from and use this data in your marketing strategy. Maybe the majority of callers in the evening have contacted you from a radio ad heard in the car during their evening commute.

With call tracking in place, you’ll know how many calls you are missing and where those calls are coming so you can adjust your marketing or schedule someone to answer the calls.

Improve call handling procedures.

Call recording is one of the most overlooked features that comes with call tracking. Reviewing call recordings helps you identify issues with phone answering procedures which can be corrected with training. Sales training is also a key area where call recording in invaluable to help train your team to convert at a higher rate, which will increase your overall sales and marketing ROI without increasing your budget.

With better call handling procedures, your team’s productivity and customer conversion rates can increase dramatically.

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