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Easily install Call Tracker’s Dynamic Number Insertion integration script on your WordPress-powered website in seconds with no coding or file editing required.

With the WordPress plugin installed, you only need to add your API Key inside the WordPress Admin, and you’re ready to go.

With the WordPress plugins installed, Call Tracker’s Javascript tracking script will automatically be added to all web pages of your WordPress site, enabling you to benefit from our advanced call tracking technology.

Benefits of Call Tracking: Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Track Multiple Online Marketing Channels - Track your different online marketing channels with number pools and campaign trackers using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI).

  • Hassel-Free Setup - Installing our dynamic number insertion script on your website couldn’t be any easier; just a few clicks and your WordPress plugin is installed and ready to go.

  • No Maintenance - Our WordPress plugin is designed to adhere to WP’s coding standards and forward compatibility.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call Tracker’s Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) ensures that a different tracking number is displayed to each visitor on your website, allowing for efficient phone call tracking in order to optimize your marketing campaigns. It is essential that business owners and marketers track calls and utilize the data analytics provided by Google Analytics to optimize their business website and marketing approaches.

By call tracking each visitor, we gain extensive information regarding which one of your digital marketing efforts brought them to your landing page, including which pages they visited before calling your business.

Google Analytics allows Call Tracker to identify leads even on a keyword level, meaning you will know exactly which words users typed into their browser before discovering your site.

Call Tracking On A WordPress Site

To achieve our sophisticated call tracking, WordPress sites are endowed with a line of Javascript code on each page. The appropriate plugin enables dynamic number insertion in a WordPress website so that Call Tracker can perform adequate phone call tracking.

Consequently, visitors will see a unique tracking number that follows each visitor as they navigate the WordPress Site. We offer inclusive plans that provide toll-free phone numbers and tracking features to take your WordPress site to new levels. Local phone numbers will help your business establish a local presence, compelling residents to support your services.

Know Which Marketing Campaigns Are Driving Form Submissions

Call Tracker’s form tracking tool uses the same javascript tracking script that powers call tracking to identify the marketing efforts that drive form submissions.

You can track all form submissions on your WordPress website, including external and custom forms, and connect each submission to a specific marketing effort.

Why You Should Track Click-To-Call On Your WordPress Website

In many industries, a customer prefers phone calls instead of form submissions because they value a personal and meaningful conversation above all.

This is particularly true in the healthcare and financial industries. Users feel like calling will reassure their confidence in your business.

If your industry entails numerous daily calls from your customers, you ought to be tracking the click-to-call links on your site and analyzing all the call data on your WordPress dashboard.

Our tracking code will enable you to tailor your user experience to generate more leads.

Click-to-call tracking further aids in the segmentation of customers via various mediums. For example, if Google Analytics indicates that organic searches are a significant phone call driver, you can create content containing trending keywords to boost your WordPress site.

You can even segment customers based on their geographical locations using click-to-call tracking to design campaigns relevant to visitors from different regions.

According to an analysis by BIA Advisory Services, calls entail up to 15 times higher conversion than web leads, and click-to-call efforts generate over $1 trillion in consumer spending in the United States annually.

With our WordPress plugin, you can customize your WordPress settings to notify you when specific users visit your page so you can better identify and track market activity.

How to Install the Plugin
  1. Download the plugin from the WordPress.org Plugin repository.

  2. Activate the plugin from the WordPress plugin administration screen.

  3. Navigate to Settings > Call Tracker to add your API Key. Your API key can be found in your company settings just below the timezone selection.

With our WordPress plugin active on your site, your number and campaign tracking numbers will automatically swap with your default target number so you can track your online marketing channels through your website.


Now that you know how to install the WordPress plugin, you can easily track calls and associate them with leads. Call Tracker will simplify your customer communications by automatically tracking calls without requiring you to create custom events or implement a javascript code.

With a Call Tracker account, our WordPress plugin will ensure you have access to advanced analytics that can only enhance your customer service.

Join 1000s of data-driven companies tracking calls to improve their marketing ROI.

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