Google Adwords

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Our Google Adwords integration integration creates a seemless flow of data all the way into your Google Adwords dashboard. The combination of call tracking with PPC marketing will provide campaign managers the data they need to optimize for the best conversion rates and advertising spend ROI.

How It Works

Our integration is powered by our number pool tracking where we’ll be able to trace back the Google Click ID of each caller and then push the call event data to Google Analytics. Once in Google Analytics as an event, you’ll be able to use Google Adwords’ native import features to import the events to Google Adwords.

Benefits of Our Google Adwords Integration
  • Detailed Click Data - with our Google Adwords integration, you'll be able view the caller's Click ID, Keyword Search Term, and all other data related to the unique website visitor.
  • Conversion Reporting - we'll provide Google Adwords Campaign Managers the keywords, campaigns and click data they need to improve ad spend and campaign optimization.
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