Dynamic Number Insertion

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Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is the core engine behind effective call tracking for digital marketers for your website and landing pages. Dynamic number insertion will automatically swap your real phone number with a tracking number in real-time. With our dynamic number insertion integration setup on your website, you’ll be able to harness the full power of our call tracking software to target visitors based on different website traffic sources, landing pages, campaigns, and also keywords with our number pools and call tracking feature.

Benefits of Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Hassle-Free Call Tracking - Dynamic number insertion drastically simplifies managing tracking numbers shown on your website, allowing you to manage phone numbers from your Call Tracker Account and not on your website.

  • Target Source Channels - Specific visitor targeting based on the search engine, organic or paid search, referring domain, campaign parameters, landing page, and direct visitors.

  • Google Adwords Integration - Our Google Adwords integration is built on top of our DNI to work seamlessly together.

How It Works

Our dynamic number insertion integration requires that you place one line of javascript code on all the web pages on your website that you want to swap out your real, correct phone number automatically.

With most websites, dynamic number insertion can be done in a matter of a few minutes, and then you’re set up to go. We also have a WordPress plugin that helps install dynamic number insertion on your WordPress-based website.

When your website gets a lead, dynamic number insertion will ensure that a unique phone number is displayed to each user. Then, when you receive inbound phone calls, this specific phone number will route to the business line of your choice. Moreover, a dynamic number insertion solution assigns the same number to a single user visiting your website multiple times.

Dynamic number insertion is a highly beneficial call tracking solution that helps many businesses investigate offline behavior similar to how they track online behavior. Dynamic number insertion utilizes a pool of local phone numbers, the volume of which is based on your website volume, to ensure every user is assigned a unique tracking number based on the marketing channels that drove them to your business. A dynamic phone number from a dynamic number pool will display after analyzing the lead sources or users.

Call tracking via dynamic number insertion allows for comprehensive lead tracking by enabling businesses to identify which online marketing efforts or other marketing campaigns generate the most calls.

Analyzing Data Points

Dynamic number insertion instantly supplies your Google Analytics account with lead data about your inbound calls. This allows you to see precisely which marketing campaigns result in phone calls. You can set Goals for your phone calls in Google Analytics by tracking them as conversions and creating segments for incoming calls. Combined data produced by Google Analytics can feed Google Adwords for you to further track conversions of your ad campaigns.

Call tracking provides valuable information regarding online sources and can identify which organic search leads visitors to your business. When a user visits your page, Call Tracker will display the correct number from a myriad of dynamic numbers. When that user leaves the website, the tracking number is available for use by another visitor.

Dynamic number insertion enables you to establish a local presence and track calls on a visitor level. It is easy to see why dynamic number insertion is such a valuable call tracking tool. Not only will you be able to analyze marketing data and optimize advertising campaigns, but you will also gain insight into customer journeys and online actions.

Benefit From Your Dynamic Number Insertion Data

The lead data dynamic number insertion generates is extremely valuable. Establishing your DNI setup leads to the following capabilities:

  • Optimize services or products based on the pages that are driving inbound calls.

  • Direct your focus to marketing campaigns that stimulate traffic and phone calls.

  • Optimize existing content that generates the most phone calls, often being white papers, blog posts, and webinars.

Call Tracker gathers data derived from dynamic number insertion to leverage businesses and create a clear outline of how well ad campaigns perform. Furthermore, a business can reevaluate and track marketing attribution and downsize advertising campaigns that aren’t furthering its success.


Without sufficient call tracking, your business may be missing out on insightful information regarding the adequacy of your campaigns and marketing strategies. Without realizing it, many businesses unnecessarily invest in certain marketing channels that aren’t driving any revenue. Implementing dynamic number insertion in your analytical strategy is undoubtedly the best way to gain insight into customer journeys: which keywords people search for, which online sources are most applicable, and which domains they frequent online.

Call Tracker’s innovative tracking solution will drive your business into new and prosperous territories.

See our Dynamic Number Insertion Help Docs for more.

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