Tips On Effective Digital Marketing For Electricians In 2022

Tips On Effective Digital Marketing For Electricians In 2022

An astounding 97% of customers explore local services using search engines, according to a study by HubSpot. Today, electrician digital marketing strategies are pivotal for any electrical services company to keep up with the changing market and industry and reach their target customers.

Here, we discuss several surefire ways an electrical service company can establish and grow its online presence and attract as many new customers as it can handle.

Benefits Of Electrician Marketing Services

Digital marketing is one way to get a high return on your marketing investment without breaking the bank to do so. Easy to adjust and measure, internet marketing allows you to reach more potential customers, draw traffic to your web pages, and increase your revenue overall. With so many benefits digital marketing entails, you may be wondering how it all really works.

Electrical contractors are so good at what they do, but the online world might seem puzzling at first. Despite the initial confusion, it is worth exploring this aspect of marketing as internet users may become your more valuable customers going forward.

In the past, electrical customers would advertise their services in newspapers, pamphlets, community notice boards, and billboards. Although these marketing efforts can still be valuable, digital marketing simply opens so many more doors and offers many more solutions to making independent businesses known in the community.

The best thing about digital marketing is that your approach to it can be adjusted at any time if you don’t see the desired results to reach your business goals. Instead of relying on try and error to fine-tune your marketing strategy, digital marketing allows you to identify and focus on your target customers directly.

The Best Electrician Digital Marketing Strategies To Build Your Brand Online

There are various digital marketing strategies that could benefit your electrical company, from review management to search engine optimization. Let’s explore some of these surefire ways to elevate your business and attract new customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the art of getting your electrical service’s web pages to rank on various search engines. Have you ever Googled something, and the first result that appeared was the site you ultimately decided to visit? Well, that is the primary goal of SEO: to get your site to appear at the top of web search results.

A search engine like Google determines which web pages are most relevant to a searcher’s intent with the use of key phrases and terms. I won’t bore you with the finer details of this process, but, essentially, Google presents a web searcher with appropriate sites on its search engine results pages according to what was searched. Search engine optimization is fundamental for any electrical company to be able to connect with an audience that is explicitly looking for electrical services.

The words that potential customers type in to find your business webpage are called an organic search. Organic searches generate more traffic to your site than social media and most other forms of advertising. Investing in SEO will mean you benefit from continuous dividends over time as opposed to other means of advertising, which need to be updated frequently.

The Importance Of Local SEO

Google reported that online searches that include the words “near me” increased by 900% in 2017. That is why it started aligning search results with the geographic area of internet users to better assist the relevancy of the results generated. With location, proximity, prominence, and relevance playing such a vital role in online searches, local electrical companies get the upper hand in a given area.

If someone searches for a service that provides electrical wiring and your electrical company is nearby, this customer will likely come across your site, and this, in turn, improves your SEO ranking. It is also worth noting that most people conduct web services on their mobile devices, so you need to ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has revolutionized the world of marketing. Businesses are shifting toward procuring most of their customers using social media instead of directly from their websites. Even if social media marketing results in traffic to your site, it is a strategy that shouldn’t be neglected. Social media has become one of the most influential spaces for business advertising.

A diligent electrical digital marketing strategy has to include marketing on social media platforms because of the advantage of reaching countless target customers within a matter of minutes instead of waiting for someone to search the right keywords in order to find your website. Most platforms include helpful analytics to be able to track the performance of your campaigns while building a substantial customer base and earning the trust of your customers.

Social media marketing involves a high level of public relations, as many new customers will first scroll through a business’ Twitter and Facebook profiles and consider the online reviews to gauge the value of the service before committing. Therefore, a lack of a social media presence will lead to a negative perception of the company’s overall effort and determination to become a leader in the industry.

Social media offers small businesses a low-cost solution to implement valuable marketing strategies and reach a large audience. Digital marketing on social platforms allows customers to connect to an electrical company on a personal level, which is essential in an industry where a great deal of trust is required.

You don’t have to commit to being present on EVERY social media platform. The beauty of internet marketing is that you only need to focus on the platforms and groups your target customers belong to. Beyond your website, you need to at least have a clear and straightforward Facebook page where satisfied customers have the opportunity to post reviews and share their positive experiences with your business.

Having a social media page allows you to post signage urging more customers to explore your service and convey important business updates for the consideration of your current customers.

Blog Articles

A blog is an integral part of every electrical contracting business website. This may seem puzzling as the world of blogging and the world of electrical wires seem so far apart, but blogging has proven to be a surefire way to increase brand awareness and promote credibility.

You may not be the type to start writing a blog from scratch, but you can always outsource this task to a reputable digital marketing agency. Most digital marketing agencies offer this service as part of their standard plans, and with the right dedicated account manager, your website can start yielding substantial results sooner than you may think.

Once again, blog articles enhance the effects of search engine optimization. Electrical contractors drive quality leads to their website when it contains relevant and useful content. Blogging is known to boost SEO substantially because it offers the opportunity to include relevant keywords and web beacons such as Cookies.

Furthermore, having a blog section allows you to post information that may be difficult to find on other sites, such as explaining the significance of various electrical components by holding educational sessions.

To identify the keywords that would be advantageous to include in blog articles, one needs to conduct keyword research. Keyword research entails finding the right industry-related words and phrases that potential customers search for. For example, suppose the phrase “Electrical equipment for kitchens” is commonly searched. Using this insight to configure an actionable plan would entail possibly publishing a blog that includes this key phrase, as many people are looking for a solution to this concept.

The blog article will cause your site to rank for this particular search. Furthermore, you can include a powerful call to action that compels readers to reach out to your business if they don’t feel confident attempting a DIY project.

Blogging is a long-term solution for a comprehensive electrician digital marketing strategy that assures site visitors of your diligence and elevates your social media presence. Moreover, users visiting your blog are much more likely to support your services as they already trust your expertise. Thereby, starting with a simple online search, blogging promotes your sales process by driving more customers to your business.

Paid search programs are another stream of digital marketing for electricians that involves search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, allowing advertisers to display their ads on search engine results pages.

You may have heard of the pay-per-click model, where a business only pays for the ad when someone clicks on it. Paid searches follow this model and serve as a controlled channel that leads users to your business.

Advertising formats may include display ads, social media ads, remarketing ads, search ads, and direct mail promotions. Advertisers receive comprehensive data regarding how many users clicked on the ads and whether or not it resulted in paying customers. Such insights allow businesses to adjust their ads according to what works.

Many marketing agencies test the efficiency of an ad campaign by running the same ad with minor alterations, such as images, to assess the response of the market. Pay-per-click ad campaigns make it possible to target very particular customers, so your money is never wasted by addressing an uninterested audience. Such ads are a good direction to go as the chances are strongly in your favor to drive new customers to your business site.

One of the best parts about pay-per-click campaigns is that you can set your maximum budget for each day and align it with what you can afford to spend on marketing. If a particular campaign proves to be efficient, you can invest more into it and likewise halt your expenses on nonpromising channels.

Email Marketing

Although email marketing may seem almost too simplistic compared to streams like SEO, customers still seem to exhibit high conversion rates as a response to emails. Email marketing allows you to build and maintain relationships with both new and current customers because you are having a direct conversation with them, generating loyal customers.

Emails offer the opportunity to keep customers informed regarding updates, new services, season deals, and overall just keep your engagement alive. Beyond the personal element of emails, they are also forty times more likely to convert a customer than Facebook posts.

Emails lead to rapid conversions as you can include a powerful call to action and even “call now” or “purchase now” buttons to make the customer journey smooth and eliminate the guesswork as to what the next step is. A well-designed email structure will guide each customer through every step of the sales process and keep customers engaged in your online pursuits, such as yous blog articles and social media posts.

Review Management

Electrician digital marketing strategies act as a foundation designed to enhance your visibility and generate new leads. Such strategies include having a clear understanding of how to follow through on marketing tactics from both a technical and psychological standpoint. The challenge is that both online platforms and their users influence the economics of online behavior, so it becomes hard to identify what your focus should be directed at.

Just consider the significant rise of eCommerce when the pandemic started. Online retailing already had a foot in the door, but the consumer demand for such businesses increased immensely when people could no longer visit physical stores regularly. The consumer market is continuously changing, and that’s why digital marketing tactics require frequent reviewing.

Most social media platforms, as well as Google Analytics, offer a helpful way of collecting data and assessing the performance of marketing channels. Electrical contractors can analyze quantitative and qualitative data from both their business and that of their competitors to promote and maintain their growth. Marketing strategies require continuous optimization as the market changes.

Electrician digital marketing essentially involves the customers as the center of marketing focus, with various customer journeys surrounding it. For instance, someone may have an emergency and come across your business in their search for an electrical solution.

Alternatively, a large company may respond to an email campaign because they require an annual checkup and maintenance of their electrical system, giving an electrician the opportunity to get involved in large-scale project management.

Whatever the journey, as a business owner and marketer, you need to know what a customer needs to see or hear to convert. This is where valuable data from adequate analytics comes in handy.

5 Non-Digital Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Electrical Business

  1. Form partnerships with complementary businesses that aren’t directly competitive
  2. Join networking organizations
  3. Feature at industry events
  4. Sponsor your local fun run, Little league team, or other community teams or events.
  5. Participate in charity events
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