How Call Tracking Fits Into A Marketing Strategy

How Call Tracking Fits Into A Marketing Strategy

Every business in almost every industry has the same fundamental challenge, marketing profitably. By marketing profitably, it means turning a profit from the money invested through acquiring new customers and also in many cases generating sales from returning customers.

Marketing profitably also implies that you are able to attribute and measure the return on your marketing campaign’s expenditure, this is where things get really really interesting because a lot of marketing channels aren’t that easy to measure.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.
- John Wanamaker

Accurate marketing attribution across marketing channels is where most businesses struggle to understand each marketing campaign’s performance and ROI, making it difficult to see what’s underperforming and needs to be worked on.

Marketing Attribution on Phone Calls

It’s true that most businesses leaders have a general idea how they are attracting their customers but it’s not always as obvious as it seems. Long periods of under-optimized marketing expenditure can have significant effects on the business bottom line.

The first obvious value call tracking adds to your marketing strategy is marketing attribution to all of your channels that drive phone calls. Call tracking numbers work both in “Online” marketing campaigns with dynamic number insertion, as well as traditional “Offline” channels such as Radio and Newspaper with manual number placements.

With tracking numbers in all of your advertisements, you’ll be able to see detailed analytics on marketing channel effectiveness based on call volume and even track conversions call tags reporting.

Call Activity Summary Reports can also be enabled to send daily, weekly, monthly summary reports of your tracking numbers and the call activity so you can easily keep an eye on your marketing channels and the call activity and make adjustments to your marketing spediture.

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Get To Know Your Customers with Call Recording

As a business leader, you probably already have a good idea who your customers are and everything about them. However, call tracking adds additional insight into who your customer is by giving you the ability to listen to them firsthand and review your sales calls with the context of the marketing channel they came from.

By enabling call recording on your tracking numbers, you’ll be able to listen to your customer first hand. You’ll be able to determine if your marketing is attracting the right customers, if your sales team needs improvement on your sales strategy, or if customer service needs improvement to boost satisfaction and customer retention.

Adding this depth of insight to your marketing and communication channels will show you what areas of your business need improvement with a shorter feedback loop enabling you to see the issues you need to focus on improving. whitelabel call tracking report

Call Tracking for Marketing Agencies

Call Tracking isn’t just valuable for businesses trying to optimize their own marketing campaigns. Adding call tracking to a marketing agency’s campaign management strategy can be vital for showing ROI clients.

Call Tracking makes it straightforward to provide data on what clients are paying for, results. It may also help the agency spot issues with client’s sales agents and customer service to provide additional insight into optimizing the sales process.

Agencies also have the ability to fully white-label the call tracking application to provide a seamlessly branded experience for their clients. This give’s agency’s the ability to provide access to each of their clients to view their own call tracking dashboard, analytics, call logs, and reporting so clients can better serve themselves and monitor the call tracking activity. whitelabel call tracking report

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a growing business or a marketing agency managing campaigns for your clients, call tracking provides value at multiple levels in customer acquisition to help you track the success of your marketing campaigns and marketing profitability. With these deeper insights, you’ll be able to gain better understanding of your target audience and sales process to optimize and increase your conversion rates.

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