Capture the Full Value of Your Client Campaigns

Capture the Full Value of Your Client Campaigns

Every client wants to know what value their agency managed campaigns are delivering. As a marketing agency, you need to both delivery value with high quality marketing but you also need to show your value through reporting with quantitative data and reporting to help your client’s make decisions on their next marketing campaigns.

In many cases, showing a client what isn’t working is just as valuable as showing them what is working, this insight alone can help you optimize your client’s marketing budget to spend most efficiently. Let’s go through this in more detail to see how adding call tracking to your client campaigns can help you deliver more value to your clients.

Setting expectations for delivering results

Your client’s view on ROI is strongly related to their expectations at the beginning of an online campaign. In fact, hitting client goals and expectations is one of the biggest pain points for 23% of agencies.* ([Hubspot]) Accordingly, having an in-depth discussion with the client to fully understand their goals, agree on what is realistic to aim for, and be clear on how returns will be assessed and monitored should be the very first step in approaching a new marketing campaign.

For example, your client may think they know which keywords their customers are searching for but showing them the results of your keyword research and how important it is can often surprise them. With Adwords in particular, it’s also important that you explain to a new client what each click will cost in their PPC campaign, how that can fluctuate, and how far their budget will stretch (particularly if they try to promote too many things at once).

Let them know how often they will get updates and reports and what the prospects are for that campaign. Some clients expect to see ROI within just days or weeks of the campaign launch, remind them that successful marketing takes time, analysis and refinement done over the course of months to be successful. Make sure a new client does understand that online advertising isn’t a shortcut to immediate results. How you track and prove ROI can vary considerably, depending on the type of company, its marketing goals, and the online marketing channels in play.

Whatever ROI tracking tactic you deploy, be sure to establish realistic KPIs and agree which specific product or service the campaign will promote. Being in agreement on expectations and campaign parameters from the get-go, so that your client understands the value that calling tracking is delivering and which marketing efforts to prioritize.

Call tracking eliminates guesswork

Call tracking is a strategy used to assign unique phone numbers to different marketing channels and campaigns to track the calls each campaign/channel are creating. Adding call tracking to a marketing strategy transparently tracks each incoming call’s channel for marketing analysis. Inbound call data data is collected and analyzed in the context of your marketing campaigns to provide deeper insight to marketing campagins that are driving phone calls to your client’s business.

Here are some of call tracking’s biggest benefits for agencies

  • Every call generated from via a marketing channel can be tracked and reported.
  • Provide quantitative data on calls generated from marketing campaigns.
  • Deeper insight into ROI for your online marketing campaigns that convert to phone calls being missed by your online marketing analytics tools.
  • Tracking multiple channels identifies which are generating the most phone leads to help optimize your client’s marketing budget.

Eliminating guesswork, call tracking gives agencies and clients a broader overview of their ROI and lead generation activity their online marketing activity is driving. A business with a seasonal product can focus on driving traffic to a promotional page or product, while an ecommerce site can compare brand and non-brand search results to decide which is more profitable.

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