3 Ways to Get Started with Call Tracking

3 Ways to Get Started with Call Tracking

Call tracking software can make a great complement to your marketing efforts because it provides valuable insight into who is calling, where those leads are coming from and, most importantly, what’s motivating them to call. This information can help you further hone and optimize your approach for even better results. If you’re thinking about giving call tracking a try but are unsure exactly where or how to begin, here are three great ways to get started.

Source Tracking

You probably have dozens of different marketing campaigns going at any given moment. In order to ensure that you’re spending your marketing budget wisely, you want to closely track and analyze how each of those campaigns is performing. With call tracking, you can assign a unique phone number to each individual marketing source that you currently have active. This provides real-time, comprehensive insights into whether or not each source is producing the types of results you’re after.

For instance, let’s say you’re interested in learning how many calls a particular Google AdWords campaign is generating. You assign a dynamic number to that campaign and then you can see which incoming calls are coming from that particular ad. This is also great for A/B testing. With dynamic numbers, you can assess which version of your ad is performing better and then optimize your strategy from there. 

Keyword Tracking

Ever wonder what keywords are bringing you the most qualified leads? With keyword level tracking, you get a pool of unique telephone numbers, which are swapped out based on each user’s session. When a visitor lands on your website, a tracking number is automatically assigned to follow the user and track his or her session. When the user picks up the phone and calls that tracking number, you will be able to trace back to see what keywords he or she used to initiate the interaction. You can then use that information to further optimize and/or target those keywords for improved results.

Once the user’s session is complete, the tracking number is then released back into the pool of available numbers where it can be used again. 

Offline Campaign Tracking

Last, but certainly not least, call tracking can also provide valuable insight into how your offline campaigns are performing. You can use a unique tracking number for each marketing method you’d like to track, including flyers, print ads, billboards and even on-air commercials. Whenever an individual calls a particular number, you’ll know precisely which campaign generated that contact. This allows you to identify which methods are working, which might need some tweaking and which you might be better off scrapping altogether. 

These are just three of the many ways you can leverage call tracking technology to gain better insight into your marketing strategies. Once you’re comfortable with using the software, you can begin experimenting with more advanced features. You can also integrate your call tracking software with existing tools you’re already using, such as Google Analytics and Wordpress, for more robust and comprehensive marketing analyses. 

The best way to get started with call tracking is to take the plunge and give it a try. Click here to start your risk-free 30 day trial of CallTracker today!

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