5 Insights from Call Tracking

5 Insights from Call Tracking

Did you know that voice calls are 10 to 15 times more likely to convert than online forms? This is why driving more incoming calls is so critically important to your business. But it’s not just about getting people to pick up the phone and dial your number. There are a ton of other things you can learn from those incoming inquiries, provided you have a good call tracking strategy in place. Let’s take a look at five of those insights below (and why they matter).

WHO your customers are…

When you know which prospects are more likely to engage with your ads and landing pages through a phone call, you’ll be able to continuously hone your marketing strategies to achieve even better results. Gaining insight into the behavior of your target audience will help you optimize your marketing spend to best reach the most qualified leads.

WHAT is driving the most conversions…

It’s smart to diversify your marketing activities so that you leverage multiple channels, but if one or more of those areas are failing to produce results, you’re ultimately wasting your time and money. Utilizing call tracking software can help you identify which channels and campaigns are driving the most traffic and, more importantly, the most conversions. It will also help you weed out those things that aren’t working.

WHEN your customers are calling…

Understanding the timing of your incoming calls can help you prepare to better serve your customers. For instance, with advanced reporting you can accurately predict heavier call volume so that you can plan your staffing needs accordingly. This will ensure that when those valuable leads start coming in, you’ll be ready, which is important since 43% of lead conversions are based on response time.

WHERE your calls are coming from…

Geo-targeting can help you reach more local leads. By tracking where incoming calls are coming from, you’ll gain better insight into what locations might be best to focus your efforts on. What’s more, you can assign dynamic local phone numbers to target and track callers based on area to identify additional opportunities. 

WHY your customers are calling…

Last, but certainly not least, understanding what’s driving your prospects to pick up the phone and call can aid in the ongoing optimization of your marketing strategies. Obviously, the most valuable calls are qualified leads. Advanced features, like whisper messaging and call recording can help further qualify your incoming leads to improve your chances of converting them.

Study after study has shown that consumers are more likely to convert – and more quickly – when their needs are served over the phone. Integrating call tracking software with your other marketing applications, such as Google Analytics and Adwords, can help you develop and implement the best possible experience for your callers. 

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