5 Ways to Optimize Your Call Tracking

5 Ways to Optimize Your Call Tracking

When you visit a website and are looking for more information from a particular company, what are you more likely to do – fill out a complicated contact form or pick up the phone? The latter is much easier, which is why using call tracking to measure marketing performance just makes sense. You still receive valuable data about your leads, but you don’t have to make them jump through hoops in order to do so. 

Thankfully, there are even more ways you can increase the chances of conversion with call tracking. Here are five expert tips to consider.

Assign a unique phone number to a specified set of keywords for Google mobile.

Almost 60 percent of all web searches today are performed using a mobile device. You can further take advantage of this by leveraging the power of call tracking as part of your mobile marketing strategy. 

Simply assign a number to your targeted keywords. When a prospect sees the ad and clicks to call, you’ll know precisely which ad generated the lead and can use the data you gather to optimize your keyword usage even more.

Assign phone numbers based on browsing activity.

Understanding not just what brought a prospect to your website, but how they behaved once they were there is a critical component of any good marketing strategy. This information can be beneficial in several ways, including the ability to tailor your approach to better suit the needs of each prospect as well as identifying what is and isn’t working on your website. 

With this technique, your website recognizes a unique visitor and displays a specially-generated number. When they call, you can track the lead back and explore their browsing history on your site.

A/B Test for Impressions vs. Click-Throughs

Ever wonder whether your target audience is calling directly from the ads you’re placing online or if that step isn’t taken until they’ve actually clicked through to your landing page? By assigning two different unique numbers – one to the ad and another to the page – you can determine which ads are generating better impressions and faster conversions and which ones are generating more clicks. The information you gather with this strategy can help you determine whether to optimize your ads for impressions or click-throughs.

Target Local Leads

A lot of research has been conducted which seems to indicate that consumers tend to trust businesses with local phone numbers more than those who offer toll-free call options. With the right call tracking tool, you can take advantage of this by generating unique phone numbers that have your local area code as a prefix. 

Optimize the Call Experience

Few things are more frustrating than calling a business with a simple question and having to be transferred to multiple different people just to get an answer. One of the nicest things about call tracking is that the unique numbers you are assigning can also be used to optimize the experience once the caller rings through. 

For instance, you can ensure that when someone phones in about an ad for a particular product, the call is automatically delivered to the sales rep who specializes in that product, improving the chances of first call resolution and conversion. 

As a marketer, it’s your job to ensure that every single campaign you are investing in generates the biggest return possible. By incorporating call tracking and taking the above steps to optimize its functionality, you will be able to gather the valuable information you need to run campaigns that get results. 

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