New Feature: Automatically Block Robocalls and Telemarketers

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It happens all the time, your phone rings and it’s an automated “robocall” or a telemarketer trying to sell something. These calls are not only frustrating but they take up our time and distract us from the important things we need to get done. What if you could automatically filter these calls out from calls from real people that you want to talk to?

Introducing Robocall and Telemarketer Filtering

We’re excited to introduce a new feature that we’ve just rolled out to combat and filter these unwanted calls. In your company settings, you now have the ability to set an action to take when a new call comes in from a known robocaller or telemarketer and to challenge or block the call entirely. This means now that you’re phone system has a “spam filter” just like your email, reducing the number of distracting spam calls that waste your time.

Our robocaller filtering also works in conjunction with the existing “Blocked Callers” feature that allows you to mark calls as spam and manually block any number from calling.

How it Works

The secret behind our technology is made possible with public data published by the FCC. Our system keeps an updated database of all known telemarketers and robocallers. The FCC publishes updates to the data every week, and we update our database on the same cycle. Every call that comes through will now be inspected to see if the caller’s number is a known robocaller or telemarketer.

In your settings, you have choices for how to handle calls, to “Challenge”, “Block”, or “Allow” them to come through. Challenge is the default setting which will force the caller to press 1 before connecting the call, this is normally a good measure to ensure the caller is real person. It is also possible to completely block the call or alternatively allow it to pass through as normal.

We’ve got your back

We built this feature with our customers in mind. Not only will you save time with less unwanted calls, you’ll also save money on your phone bill with less minutes used every month, doesn’t get any better does it?

We really hope you enjoy more focused time working on things that matter and spend less time on frustrating robocalls with our new feature. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

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